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Artikel-Nr.: R41T037


Take no risks

With the new ABU62, reagent handling is foolproof thanks to the RFID tags located on each stand. As soon as the stand is fitted, the biburette automatically recognises and updates the stored data: reagent name, date of first use and last calibration, expiry date etc. Reagent traceability is greatly simplified and accurate results secured.

Save time and energy

Detachable stand changeover is both fast and reliable thanks to instant data recognition. When not in use, stands are placed directly on their reagent bottle to save bench space.

Add extra capacity

Each ABU62 provides two motor-driven burettes, two electrode inputs and one temperature input. Capacity is significantly extended when two ABU62s are connected to a TitraLab workstation. The ABU62 can also be used as an extra titration sample stand or for electrode storage and reconditioning,

Automate your system

The required ABU62 burette and installed electrode are selected via methods programmed in the titration workstation, with the system taking charge of precise titrant or reagent dispensing. The large screen display gives you information about reagent status at a glance.


ABU62,NB Potentiometric Titration Workstation consists of the ABU62 biburette with a full set of connecting cables, cell accessories. Electrode & Detachable burette stand B6xx to be ordered separately.

Technische Daten

Analoge Eingänge: 2
Bürettenstand: Fixed
Gewicht: 5 kg
Länge: 450 mm
Spezielle Technologie: pH/mV
Typ: Burette extension