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Our Heritage

80+ years of commitment to water quality

In 1947, Clifford and Kitty Hach invented a whole new way to think about water analysis. Armed with an advanced understanding of analytical chemistry and a passion for making a difference, our founders set out to simplify water analysis. More than 80 years later, everything Hach does is still focused on the same goal of helping you manage your water better.

As the Hachs saw it, nothing should get between water analysts and consistent, accurate results. They were determined to make the whole process better so customers could get to their results faster, more simply, and with more information. They knew that each simplification to the water analysis process would deliver one very vital ingredient: confidence. Confidence in your process, your results, and your decisions.

The early history of Hach told by Kitty Hach-Darrow
Dr. Bruno Lange

In 2004, Hach united with an equally committed organization —Dr. Bruno Lange GmbH of Germany — to expand our offering and become a truly global organization. Lange’s early inventions, such as the development of the photometer and later breakthroughs on cuvette tests, have revolutionized the field of analysis, making it possible for individuals to conduct extensive analysis without an in-depth knowledge of chemistry. This partnership aligned perfectly with Hach’s commitment to providing customers with easy-to-use, reliable analytical equipment.

This passion to instill absolute confidence in your results has led Hach on a decades-long journey of innovation, enabling us to be your complete solution for instruments, services and support. Today Hach offers more products, chemistries, services, software, and expert advice to help you than ever before. Our Customer Support team is trained and ready to help you with your questions. Our team of Application Development Managers and Technical Support experts are considered the best in the business – turning complex situations into solutions tailored to your needs.

From the start, helping you Be Right is what we do, and it remains our promise today.