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Lachat Reagents

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Lachat reagents are pre-made and quality controlled. Lachat reagents are available as sets, as well as individually. Your lab can purchase in the way that makes the most sense.

Premade reagents cut out preparation time, and questions about expiration. These reagents are also available via Hach's Scheduled Inventory Reagent Replacement program (SIRR). One order covers an entire year!

A complete listing of Lachat reagents is available on the downloads tab. Available sets cover the following analytes:

-Ammonia (Phenolate)
-Chloride (Mercuric thiocyanate/ferric chloride)
-Cyanide (Pyridine-barbituric acid)
-Nitrate-Nitrite (Sulfanilamide/NED)
-Orthophosphate (Molybdenum Blue)
-Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (post digestion; salicylate/nitroprusside)
-Total Kjeldahl Phosphorous (post digestion; molybdenum blue)

( Please note: These reagents work only with Lachat Flow Injection methods!)
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